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    Incredible Action::   Our proprietary blend of plastic is downright explosive!
    :   They may be very soft, but they're tough too!
    Colors Don't Bleed
    : Our soft-baits are colored with pigment, not dye.
    More Fish
    : Our patented Hogy Quick Rig system allows tandem rigging in seconds for our larger baits. No more short strikes!
    : Tandem rigs are re-used on other baits. Save money over pre-rigged baits.



Over the course of the fishing season in 2009 we designed and developed many exciting new additions to the Hogy® line-up. Tested and proven for dozens of fish species off both coasts of the U.S. and in freshwater, we expanded the options with our proven soft baits, added some killer new designs and now offer even more rigging options - we call it The Hogy® System!

7" Hogy® Double Wide

With the huge success of our 10" Hogy® Double Wide we realized angler were looking for a soft bait that shows a hefty profile for certain applications. Our new 7" Double Wide is a great way to imitate mullet, menhaden, alewifes, herring and many other short, stocky bait fish.

13" Hogy® Jiggn' Swim-baits

At the request of anglers looking for an even bigger soft bait specifically designed for use with a jig head we came up with this longer version of our 10" Jiggn' Hog®y. It has the amazing Hogy® swimming action and a blunt head to interface smoothly with our Hogy® jig heads - or any others you wish to use. A dynamite bait for trophy stripers and big cobia!

8" Mega Flounder

An even larger version of the hugely popular Hogy® Flounder. Fish it in deep water for big striped bass or monster halibut. Natural mottled brown color.

Hogy® Deep Darter Heads

Feeling restricted by regular jig heads that are designed to only move a bait up and down? Our new Darter Heads allow the angler to impart both up/down and side-to-side motion to their soft baits. Featuring a 4x strong hook and our own twist-on stainless bait holder, there is nothing on the market quite like it! Available in 2oz, 4oz, 6oz.

Hogy® Soft Circle Hooks

For the first time, a circle hook designed for use with soft baits. Just screw the bait onto the Hogy® Bait Keeper that is attached to the bend of the hook. These hooks have been used to land big stripers and tarpon. Also billfish tournament compliant. Available in three sizes.

Hogy® Bait Keepers

We couldn't find a heavy duty screw-in type soft bait holder so we designed and manufactured our own! Made of machine-grade stainless steel, our Bait Keepers hold large soft baits securely for extended trolling or repeated casting. With open end, they can be crimped onto most hooks that are appropriate for large soft bait. These are the same holders found on our hugely popular Swim Bait Hooks.

Additional Pre-Rigged Hogy® Soft Baits

We've expanded the options in pre-rigged Hogy® Soft Baits, which give anglers a way to try our baits in many different configurations. In addition to our popular tandem, jig head and Texas-rigged 10 inch baits, in 2010 we offer:

Our new 13 Hogy® Jigging pre-rigged on our 1oz. head
(bone, black, blamber)

5" Hogy® Flounder rigged on Hogy® 11/0 Drop Shot Rig

5" Hogy® Flounder rigged on our 1oz. jig head

Hogy® Lobster on our 1oz. head

Hogy® 6/0 Weighted and Unweighted Swim Bait Hooks

By popular demand, a smaller version of our 10/0 Hogy® Swim BAit hooks. Like their bigger cousins they feature our Hogy® stainless, heavy duty Bait Keeper. Balance perfectly with our smaller baits but still 3x strong, needle sharp and corrosion resistant. Available unweighted or with approx 1/3oz. weight molded onto shaft. A great way to make soft baits weedless!

New Colors!!!

Bally Smoke

This color was designed to offer hints of ballyhoo and other offshore gamefish in offshore applications. Rig it as a pitch bait, behind a trolling head or any-where a real bally would be used - lasts much longer and with none of the mess! Available in 10" and 14" Hogy® Original and 13 Hogy® Jiggn' Swimbaits

Electric Chicken

This two-tone bait (bubble gum and amber) is a great sand eel imitator in northern waters and is popular in the south for snook, redfish and trout. Available in 6" Skinny, and 7" Hogy® Original


Another two-tone, this one is black on top and light amber below - a perfect eel imitation but also effectively imitates many other baitfish. Available in 6" and 9" Skinny, and 10" and 14" Hogy® Original

Smokey Minnow

Olive over glitter smoke - this color is a natural sand eel imitator and is a terrific all purpose bait. Available in 6" and 9" Skinny, and 7" and 10" Hogy® Original

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