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    Incredible Action::   Our proprietary blend of plastic is downright explosive!
    :   They may be very soft, but they're tough too!
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    : Our soft-baits are colored with pigment, not dye.
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Specs: Length: 3 1/2", Weight: .5 oz

The smaller of the two Hogy Flatfish are far more popular with fluke and sea bass anglers due to the shorter size and consequently, better hook up ratios. Get 'em here!

Specs: Length: 5 ", Weight: 1 oz

In the backyard here at Hogy Central, we know big striped bass eat flounders too. So do codfish, ling cod, halibut and many other highly sought after game fish. We're matching the hatch on this one! Whether you are trying to imitate a winter flounder, baby fluke or a sand dab, we have you covered. Get 'em here!

Specs: Length: 8 ", Weight: 2 oz

An even larger version of the hugely popular Hogy® Flounder. Fish it in deep water for big striped bass or monster halibut. Natural mottled brown color. Get 'em here!


Action: Depending how you fish them, they glide, settle and quiver like a real flatfish.

Our three favorite ways to fish the Hogy Flatfish:

  1. Fished on Jig Heads: the name of the game is SLOW. Raise your rod tip an lower it to let the flatfish glide back to the bottom. A great inshore technique. (We recommend our 1 ounce jig head) See it here!
  2. Drop Shot Style: Weights will vary with how deep your fishing. We rig ours with 60lb fluorocarbon leader and an Owner 11/0 worm hook crimped inline about 18" above the sinker. As the sinker tickles across the bottom, our "Flattie" will quiver. Add some rod twitches and hang on! See it here!

  3. Half Way Method: Just like the name suggests, the halfway method is a cross between the drop-shot method and rigging on a jig head. The Half Way Method is great way to twitch the Hogy Flatfish in shallow water of depths up to 30 feet. See it here!



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From Massachusetts

Captain Jamie Boyle of Martha's Vineyard caught these fishing on the Hogy Flatfish. Three drifts, three fish!


From New Zealand

Hi Mike,

well as you can see by the photo, the flounder (Hogy Flat Fish) did the damage. It caused quite a stir amongst my fellow soft baiters. I think a lure of the same shape but maybe 3 and a half or 4 inches long would be very attractive to a wider range of our target species. Guy's around me were catching more fish, but they were smaller, the size of your lure means only the BIG snapper have a crack at it, this is a good thing when they are about but a limiting factor never the less.

I have included the link to the report the skipper posted, very humorous.


I put a link to your site in a reply further through the thread, I hope you pick up some orders from it.

Thanks and regards,

Mr Ian Cameron
Motorcycle Spare Parts
Yamaha Motor New Zealand

From Long Island

Well guys,

I tried your hogy flounder lure once back in May 2008 in New Hampshire on a cod fishing trip and had no luck. I then tried it once on a drop shot in City Island Bronx New York and had no luck but then last night I tried it out in Orient Point Long Island New York on a charter called "Brooklyn Girl"and I finally used it by putting it on a jig head and caught a nice 25 pound Striped Bass. YAY. It works. Here are a few pictures.


Scott Goldman

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