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    Incredible Action::   Our proprietary blend of plastic is downright explosive!
    :   They may be very soft, but they're tough too!
    Colors Don't Bleed
    : Our soft-baits are colored with pigment, not dye.
    More Fish
    : Our patented Hogy Quick Rig system allows tandem rigging in seconds for our larger baits. No more short strikes!
    : Tandem rigs are re-used on other baits. Save money over pre-rigged baits.

Specs: Length: 14", Weight: 2 oz, Patent Pending Hook Slot

This monster is quickly gaining popularity with anglers looking to mimic very large eels, or anything else with a long profile! They are SO LONG, they actually have a double bend when worked properly. You’ll be amazed by how much they look and swim like an eel.

Function: Plain and simple, the 14" Hogy is a Big Fish bait. Though the 14" Hogy is a perfect imitator of big eels and snakes, its sinuous action will drive fish crazy. It's the " Ultimate Attractor! Add our Hogy Flavored Hogy Fresh Flavor here!

Action: When fished with short rod twitches, there is pretty much no way around sending a rolling " S" formation through the bait. If you're trolling with the 14" Hogy, the bait will literally quiver as it makes its way behind the boat.



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Striped Bass
Mahi Mahi

Largemouth Bass

> 3 Pack $10.65
3 unrigged baits. Rig 'em any way you'd prefer.

> Bulk Pack $29.95
For the enthusiast. 12 baits, a considerable savings..

> 14" Rigged Single $6.98
Tandem rigged and ready to go!

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From Massachusetts

From Connecticut

Here's what I could put my hands on readily. My friend lost a lot of pictures on his camera when he accidentally formatted the card! One of the best photos I have ever taken was on that card!!! Anyway, this is a sequence from a 30 pound bass I took on the red 14-inch Hogy on a rainy night in July.



From Florida

Mike, I spoke to you this morning from Key West and found the pictures with the Hogy's in it. I'm a little startled but I think these are the best tarpon lures i've ever used. This tarpon was around 100 pounds in Key West Harbor. Thanks again, JP Castro.

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