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    Incredible Action::   Our proprietary blend of plastic is downright explosive!
    :   They may be very soft, but they're tough too!
    Colors Don't Bleed
    : Our soft-baits are colored with pigment, not dye.
    More Fish
    : Our patented Hogy Quick Rig system allows tandem rigging in seconds for our larger baits. No more short strikes!
    : Tandem rigs are re-used on other baits. Save money over pre-rigged baits.

Specs: Length: 7", Weight: 2  oz, Patent Pending Hook Slot

With the huge success of our 10" Hogy® Double Wide we realized angler were looking for a soft bait that shows a hefty profile for certain applications. Our new 7" Double Wide is a great way to imitate mullet, menhaden, alewifes, herring and many other short, stocky bait fish.

Specs: Length: 10", Weight: 2 3/4 oz, Patent Pending Hook Slot

This massive bait was designed to mimic large baitfish with wide profiles. Weighing close to three ounces, this “casting machine” out-casts any other soft bait of its type on the market. The baits have a hook groove like our original Hogys.



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Striped Bass
Atlantic bonito
False Albacore
Sea Trout
Mahi Mahi

Largemouth Bass

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2 unrigged baits. Rig 'em any way you'd prefer.

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Off the New York coast

The blue fin love your double wide white hogy's.

Off the Massachusetts coast













From Massachusetts

From: Gene Bourque
Subject: yesterday's fish


From Massachusetts

Mashnee Island, Buzzards Bay


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