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    Incredible Action::   Our proprietary blend of plastic is downright explosive!
    :   They may be very soft, but they're tough too!
    Colors Don't Bleed
    : Our soft-baits are colored with pigment, not dye.
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    : Our patented Hogy Quick Rig system allows tandem rigging in seconds for our larger baits. No more short strikes!
    : Tandem rigs are re-used on other baits. Save money over pre-rigged baits.

Hogy Approved Products

by Captain Mike "Hogy" Hogan

Having just got returned from a tarpon fishing/filming trip to Key West, I have travel on the brain, so this installment of the Hogy Approved Products is focusing on two recent discoveries I've made. Whether it's traveling from boat to boat, boat to surf, on the road or on a plane I'm personally endorsing these two products as significantly enhancing my angling experience.


St. Croix Triumph® Surf Travel Spinning Rods

  • Four-piece travel design
  • Premium-quality SCII graphite
  • Aluminum-oxide surf guides
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Custom cork tape handle

My search for the perfect travel "surf stick" began in Wabasso Bait and Tackle, just outside Sebastian, Florida. Owner, Terry Parsons, a former striper angler from New Jersey (who has a drool worthy plug collection for the record) told me about the fantastic surf fishery from the beach just outside Sebastian Inlet. (More on that in future articles after I try it…) Apparently there is a run each fall in late October when big snook and tarpon are relatively easy to reach from shore. Some of these fish are big and it can be windy that time of year so a "Northeast style" surf stick (9' to 10') is perfect for the job - an outfit not easy to come by in Florida.  This was all it took! I immediately pictured big snook and tarpon pictures, fish taken on Hogys! Thus my search…

Now is a good time for me to admit that I'm a "rod snob" There, I said it. I am very particular about a rod's casting performance and how it applies action to the artificials that I'm using, namely Hogys. After all, soft baits are only as good as the angler. Although I do most of my fishing from boats, I do spend a fair amount of time fishing the surf that requires, obviously, different gear. Sure there are a lot of surf rods on the market, but try finding a travel version! Now try to find one that is offers just the right harmony between being heavy enough to cast big baits but is also light enough so you're not Advil's best customer.

The Perfect Soft Bait Travel Surf Rod

As owner of Hogy Lures, I view the fishing world through soft bait glasses. That means, I need a rod that is versatile in terms of casting various weights (our soft baits come in all sizes ranging from less than an ounce to 3 ounces). Secondly, since I'm typically casting larger soft baits, I need a rod with plenty of backbone to tame big game fish, trophies large enough to take a Hogy, wherever I am, regardless of species. Until March, I had yet to find such an animal until I met Jay Gemma, the St. Croix sales rep from New England.

I was looking for a 4 Piece Surf rod that:

  1. Easily cast 10" Original, 10" Double Wide and 14" Hogys. (1-3oz)
  2. Long enough to make 100' plus casts over surf. (9to10') but light enough for casting all day.
  3. Moderate Fast Action, One that quickly loads, but with enough "tip" to walk-the-dog with soft baits.

St. Croix Triumph® Surf Travel Spinning Rods

Although I purchased the 9' and 10' models this winter specifically for my trip to northeast Florida to chase those large snook and tarpon that haunt me, I have only used the outfits in New England for stripers to date.  The 4-piece Triumph was a thing of sweetness! The 9' version is now a truck accessory that is as permanent as my tire iron! (In addition to a spinning reel loaded with 40lb braid, flouro, and a surf pouch<link to last story> filled with 10" Original and Double Wide Hogys.) Since I'm on the road so much on business, I'm ready to go in a moments notice. Also, more than once, I've been able to sneak out for a lunch time "hot bite" without heading home. A HUGE time saver! Best of all, the rod is easily hidden so as not to tempt a less than honest person.

In short, this rod is perfect for what it does. Will a 4-piece rod ever perform as well as a one-piece rod? No. But St. Croix hit the money on this one - it is a travel rod that simply doesn't feel too much like a compromise.  This rod is a MUST for any angler who travels, drives a lot or needs to conserve space.  Retail cost is approximately $170. Call us and ask for Hogy if you'd like additional information on setting this rod up, bait sizes etc. Check 'em out St. Croix's Website: http://www.stcroixrods.com/rods/default2.asp?rodname=67&section=salt

Aquaskinz Ultimate Cargo Bags

You're probably getting the idea that I'm a gear nut. In my defense though, I think "gear appreciation" runs in fishermen. However, when it comes to running a guide business, anything that make's your life easier is worth its weight, space and yes, the almighty dollar.

This year at the New Jersey Surf Show, and others, I saw Kadir Adturk's (owner of Aquaskinz) latest and greatest, The Ultimate Cargo Bag. Well, so did a lot of people and demand being what it is, I just got mine about a month ago and to say the least, it was well worth the wait.

A little about my business. As a guide, I fish not only on my boat, but also on those of some of my clients. So an easy tackle management system is a must. By easy, I mean: adaptable, accessible and logical.  My guiding is also unique in that I only fish with Hogy Brand soft baits paired with the Hogy System.  I need a customizable storage solution. Many of the tackle storage systems on the market only offer limited capabilities.   

Stage Right: The Ultimate Cargo Bag

The beauty is totally customizable: You can either insert plug tubes that will accommodate dozens and dozens of hard baits, or as I do, stack up a number of Plano 3700 series bins filled with Hogy soft baits. But there's more! The bag is peppered with cargo pockets with overbuilt Velcro strips that will accommodate spare reel spools, line, bags of terminal tackle or almost any fishing accessory you can imagine. In typical Aquaskinz fashion, nothing is omitted. For example, there are clear tag holders so you can label the contents. In my case, the pockets hold sunscreen, pliers, worm glue, jigs, hooks… you get the idea, there's lots of them.  On the bottom of the bag, there is even more storage, which I load up with, yes, more Hogys.

Now I'm not sure if Aquaskinz recommends this as checkable luggage or not, but I recently checked mine on a trip to film some tarpon fishing in Key West and it went through with zero hassle. Another plus for the overbuilt bags in my opinion, but please check with Aquaskins before doing so.

You really have to see it in person to fully understand its capabilities. I'm sure ten different anglers would organize it 10 different ways. All I can tell you is this. It is now a key component of my fishing arsenal. My storage whining is now over; I'm not sure what my gripes will be now.


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