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The Tarpon Bundle (TPBN)

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The Tarpon Bundle

Hogy staff have made planning your next tarpon trip a breeze to pack for. This bountiful bundle has been hand selected to provide total coverage for topwater flats, beaches, bridges and channel edges. Perfect for your next trip to the Florida Keys, Gulf Coast or South Atlantic. We have included the fishiest colors, sizes and trophy tarpon grade rigging, all you have to add is some fish!


Flats Tarpon: 7inch and 10inch Original Series Soft Baits are the go-to topwater casting bait for tarpon moving along shallow grass flats and oceanside sand bars. Lightly weighted, with a soft-splash entry. These are go-to baits when fish are shallow and spooky. Unweighted Barbarian Swimbait Hooks and Soft Circle Hooks are included for topwater rigging.

Channel Edges: See those fish rolling just off the flats in 6 to 12 feet of water? They will eat our new Pro Tail 6.5inch 2oz Paddle slow rolled along the surface. If you have a good moving current, toss out the 7inch 1.75oz Pro Tail Eel and swim it across current using a steady medium speed retrieve for some explosive strikes.

Migrating Beach: There is a lot of fun to be had hunting down schools of tarpon along the beach in 10 to 40 feet of water. The 9inch 3oz Pro Tail Eels offer excellent casting distance, perfect for reaching spooky fish that live bait anglers cant reach. Let the lure sink for a 2 to 4 count then use a steady medium speed retrieve to swim the bait in just a foot or two below the surface. If they are holding deep, drop to a 6 or 8 count, then use a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve to work the mid water column.

The Bridge Fish: Headed to Bahia Honda, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, or other deepwater bridges tarpon haunt? Fish the Skirted Barbarian Jigs low to the bottom near back eddy behind pilings where tarpon will be milling and feeding. If there is a lot of surface activity, use a steady surface retrieve while casting up current for exciting topwater action.

Bundle Contents: (1) 10inch Original Bone 4pack, (1) 10inch Original Black 4pack, (1) 10inch Original Bubblegum 4pack, (1) 7inch Original Silver 5pack, (1) 7inch Original Black 5pack, (1) 7inch Original Bubblegum 5pack, (2) 10/0 Unweighted Barbarian Swimbait Hook 2pack, (1) 10/0 .5oz Weighted Barbarian Swimbait Hook, (1) 6/0 Soft Circle Hook 3pack, (1) 1oz Skirted Barbarian Eel Blurple, (1) 2oz Skirted Barbarian Paddle Blurple, (1) 6.5inch 2oz UV Pro Tail Paddle Bone, (1) 6.5inch 2oz UV Pro Tail Paddle Olive, (1) 6.5inch 2oz UV Pro Tail Paddle Black, (1) 7inch 1.75oz UV Pro Tail Eel Glow Flake, (1) 7inch 1.75oz UV Pro Tail Eel Bubblegum Flake, (1) 7inch 1.75oz UV Pro Tail Eel Black Flake, (1) (1) 9inch 3oz UV Pro Tail Eel Glow Flake, (1) 9inch 3oz UV Pro Tail Eel Bubblegum Flake, (1) 9inch 3oz UV Pro Tail Eel Black Flake