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Sea Bass Jig Kit (SIMK - 537)

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Sea Bass Jig Kit
Featuring a selection of our most popular colors, sizes and styles of new SI Metal Jigs. These jigs are perfect for jigging striped bass, sea bass, fluke and blues. Designed to be fished top to bottom, these premium light tackle jigs offer excellent jigging action.

SI Heavy Minnow Jig: We took molds from our most popular sizes of epoxy jigs, wrapped them in HD Holographic finish and gave them a heavy metal core. These jigs are perfect players to have in your bull-pen to deal with heavy winds or when fish are holding in deeper water. Rigged with VMC 4x treble and HD split rings.

SI Sand Eel Jig: SI Tackle sand eel jigs weigh in at 2.5oz and are designed to accurately imitate sand eels and sand lance through their unbeatable finish and coloration. Thru-wired for maximum strength. Rigged with size 6 VMC 4x Treble Hooks.

SI Squinnow Jig: Durable glow painted finish for added deep water attraction. Heavy keeled design allows for superior casting distance. Double presentation pattern - squid pattern on belly and minnow pattern on top. Great for casting and jigging. Low center of gravity increases wobble on horizontal and vertical retrieves. Pre-rigged with 4X VMC Treble Hooks. Short length relative to heavy weight allows for fast sink when vertically fished.

Kit Content List: (1) Heavy Minnow - Black 3.5oz (4inch) (HMBK3 - 931), (1) Heavy Minnow - Silver 3.5oz (4inch) (HMS3 - 962), (1) Heavy Minnow - Black 1.25oz (2.5inch) (HMBK1.25 - 854), (1) Heavy Minnow - Silver 1.25oz (2.5inch) (HMS1.25 - 972), (1) Sand Eel Jig - 2.5oz (4.5inch) Green (SEGR - 707), (1) Sand Eel Jig - 2.5oz (4.5inch) Olive (SEOL - 231), (1) Squinnow Bass Jig 2.5oz (3inch) Holographic Green Silver (SQGR-SIL - 575), (1) Squinnow Bass Jig 2.5oz (3inch) Holographic Pink Silver (SQBG-SIL - 582), (1) Plano 3601 ProLatch Thin StowAway Adjustable Utility Box. Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.