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Tarpon Jig Kit (TPK - 104)

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Tarpon Jig Kit

This custom selection of our HDUV Jigging soft baits and Barbarian Series Jig heads has added a whole new dimension to tarpon fishing bridges and inlets with lures. Tested and proven in Southwest Florida waters. Check out the full video for tips, tricks and big fish!

HDUV 9inch Jigging Eel: These UV infused jigging eels dance and dart when paired with a Barbarian Series Jig Head. This bait packs a gliding side to side wiggle when jigged. Tarpon LOVE to smash this bait on the fall. Ideal for fishing the faster portion of a tide in heavy current.

HDUV 8inch Paddle Tail: UV infused paddle tails can be fish just below the surface or bounced along the bottom. The oversized thumping tail creates a wall of vibration, attracting nearby tarpon in heavy current and low light conditions. A favorite to fish during lighter portions of a tide.

Barbarian Jig Heads: Quite possibly the best tarpon jig head around, this unique sickle bend style hook offer superior penetration and holding power for the most aggressive tarpon. 3X Strong Rigging is ample for fish upwards of 200lbs. Proven to increase your landing ratio.

Roll Up Bag: This high quality Made in the USA bag holds these baits with room to expand. Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.

Kit Content List: (1) HDUV 8inch Jigging Paddle Black/Purple Flake, (1) HDUV 8inch Jigging Paddle Bone/Silver Flake, (1) HDUV 9inch Jigging Eel Black/Purple Flake, (1) HDUV 9inch Jigging Eel Bone/Silver Flake, (2) 10/0 Barbarian Jig Head 1oz, (2) 10/0 Barbarian Jig Head 2oz, (1) Made in USA 12" Roll Up Bag