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6inch Tinkler Jet - Rainbow (TINKRBJET - 721)

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Tinkler Jet:

Field Notes: The new Tinkler Jets are a straight running concave mini jet head. These jets are the ideal finesse lure and they work when other lures fail under some of the toughest fishing conditions. When the fish are feeding on rain bait, small squid or juvenile ballyhoo/half beaks and other lures are just too big and the Tinkler Jets match the hatch perfectly. On those slick, calm days when everyone else is praying for some wind or a light chop, the Tinkler Jet rigged on light line is just the ticket. Its small but flashy profile draws strikes when others will not. Fish just cannot pass up this tiny treat and do not think for a second that its small size means it only catches small fish, remember elephants eat peanuts!

- Capt. Mike Hogan

Specs: We rig our Tinklers with Premium 130-pound Fluorocarbon Leader due to the small size of the baits and their need for extra stealthiness. The teasers are rigged in a dropper loop configuration allowing them to dance and dart in a natural swimming motion. The stinger Tinkler jet is rigged with VMC Dynacut 7/0 Offshore Hook. The jet head has pre-drilled holes allowing for a bubble trail for added attraction.