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Grouper Kit (SWGK - 646)

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Grouper Kit

Grouper love to eat eels, squid, flounder and just about anything they can get their mouths on. Each late winter/early spring grouper migrate into shallow coastal waters. This allows small boat anglers to enjoy productive grouper fishing only a few miles from land. This kit selection is based on our Florida staff favorites for gag, red and scamp grouper.

HDUV Jigging Series: Designed to fit our Barbarian Jig Heads, these premium jigging baits pack a powerful punch. Featuring our new Heavy Duty Blended Plastic for solid jig head connections, each bait is fully loaded with UV Pigments for increased visibility in low light and deep water conditions.

Sand Dab: Perfectly replicates one of the most important forage items for all sport fish. Measuring 6 inches and made of supple but strong Hogy soft plastic it ensures an incredibly life-like presentation. The nose section is beefed up to easily accommodate large jig heads, drop shot rigs or any other rigging option.

Barbarian Jigs: These crazy sticky sharp hooks from VMC have the best hook up and landing ratio on the market.

Kit Content List: (1) 9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Bone Silver Flake HDUV (HDUV9BNE - 257), (1) 9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Black Purple Flake HDUV (HDUV9BK - 127), (1) Hogy Sand Dab 6inch (3pack) HDUV Amber (HS6HDUVA - 745), (1)Hogy Sand Dab 6inch (3pack) HDUV Bone Glow Silver Flake (HS6GLO - 752), (1) 10/0 Barbarian 3x Jig Head 2oz- (Single) (BARB2 - 170), (1) 10/0 Barbarian 3x Jig Head 3oz (Single) (BARB3 - 477), (1) 10/0 Barbarian 3x Jig Head 4oz (Single) (BARB4.5 - 576), (1) Made in USA 12" Roll Up Bag