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Bonito Albie - Essentials Kit (BAK - 532)

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Bonito Albie - Essentials Kit Kit

Be ready for these speedsters with the most effective and productive soft plastics on the market! Irresistible colors, fantastic action and the best rigging components.

Pro Tail Paddle: These heavy duty pre-rigged swimbaits are dynamite as a rapid retireve search bait. Simply cast and retrieve at a medium-high speed with the rod in the 9 o clock postion.

Heavy Minnow Jigs: The Epoxy Jigs heavyweight cousin offers extra casting distance needed when fishing into a heavy wind or when targeting spooky albies trying to stay out of range.

Epoxy Jigs: We brought a classic back - only we made it better. Our epoxy Jigs feature beefed up split rings, 4X super Sharp VMC hooks, and imitative colors. Thick epoxy coat for natural light refraction and subtle flutter.

Squinnow Jigs: Heavy keeled design allows for superior casting distance. Double presentation pattern - squid pattern on belly and minnow pattern on top. Great for casting and jigging.

Kit Content List: 4.25inch Pro Tail Paddle Bone - 4.25inch Pro Tail Paddle Silver - 1.25oz Heavy Minnow Green - 1.25oz Heavy Minnow Pink - 2.5oz Squinnow Jig Green - 2.5oz Squinnow Jig Pink - 5/8oz Epoxy Jig Anchovy - 5/8oz Epoxy Jig Silver - 5/8oz Epoxy Jig Green - 7/8oz Epoxy Jig Anchovy -7/8oz Epoxy Jig Silverside - 7/8oz Epoxy Jig Green - 1 1/4oz Epoxy Jig Pink - 1 1/4oz Epoxy Jig Green - Plano 3601 ProLatch Thin StowAway Adjustable Utility Box - Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.