Machine Daisy Chain - UV Traditional Green (MCHAIN-GR - 135)

Daisy Chain 9inch Machine:

Field Notes: I caught my first yellow-fin tuna on a machine when I was 17 and this time tested classic has not left my spread ever since. The classic machine is the perfect size, imitating just about every fish that swims in blue-water. My favorite ways to fish them are a single behind a bird on a center rigger (or from a T-Top in a center console, a daisy chain behind a bird on an outside rigger or a spreader bar on an inside rigger).

- Capt. Mike Hogan

Specs: Each machine is double-skirted with eyes hand painted directly on. Other features include UV pigmentation for ultra visibility, fluorocarbon leaders to the stinger, which is rigged with a premium 24inch 175lb Fluorocarbon Leader and a VMC Dynacut series 7/0 hook. Storage bag included. Rigged on Cape Cod.

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