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Back Bays Kit (BBK - 540)

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Our Back Bay Kit was due for an update in 2017. This fresh collection is perfect for light tackle anglers stalking their prey along shallow water bays, flats and estuaries. Offering subtle presentations and minimal splash entry, these Hand Poured Soft Baits & Pro Tail Paddles are perfect for Striper, Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout anywhere.

  • 4.25inch 1.25oz Pro Tail Paddle: Pre-Rigged and ready to go. These mini paddles deliver perfect action, featuring heavy duty soft plastic and VMC Barbarian Jig Hooks.
  • 7inch Original: Has a stout profile for its length. A good bait when predators are feeding on beefier forage in shallow water. Also great for casting in wind or on heavier gear.
  • 6inch Skinny: Features a thinner profile than our 7-inch original with more flex. A perfect finesse bait!
  • 4inch Skinny: Our favorite little twitch soft bait for super skinny water.
  • Roll Up Bag: This high quality Made in the USA bag holds these inshore baits with room to expand. Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.

Kit Contents: (1) 7inch Original Arkansas Shiner 5pack, (1) 7inch Original Silver 5pack, (1) 6inch Skinny Silver 6pack, (1) 6inch Skinny Bubblegum 6pack, (1) 4inch Skinny Bone 6pack, (1) 4inch Skinny Amber 6pack, (1) 6/0 1/4oz Barbarian Swim Bait Hook, (1) 4/0 1/4oz Barbarian Swim Bait Hook, (1) 3/0 1/4oz Barbarian Swim Bait Hook, (1) 4.25inch 1.25oz Pro Tail Paddle Shrimp, (1) 4.25inch 1.25oz Pro Tail Paddle Silver, (1) 9inch Back Bay Roll Up Mesh Bag Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.