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DW Tuna Casting Kit (BCK - 730)

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The Bluefin Tuna Casting Kit

The perfect assortment of the most popular and effective Hogy baits and extra strong rigging components for casting to bluefin tuna. Be ready for these tackle-busting trophy fish!

  • DW LongCast: The Hogy Double Wide series soft baits are designed to mimic large baitfish with wide profiles. Due to their weight relative to their length, the Hogy Doublewide will OUT-CAST any other soft-bait of its type. Perfect for the big game hunter with heavy gear. Throw them a mile!
  • Weighted Grip Hook: 3X Tuna Strong, lightly weighted grip hook perfect for topwater presentations.
  • Bluewater Soft Circle Hook: Tuna Grade, allows for fully free swinging presentation.
  • Weighted Barbarian Swimbait Hook: Just enough weight for casting in windy conditions. Light enough for aggressive topwater presentations. Tuna strong.
  • Roll Up Bag: This high quality Made in the USA bag holds these tuna baits with room to expand. Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.

Kit Content List: (1) 10inch DW Longcast Bubblegum 4pack, (1) 10inch DW Longcast Bone Silver Flake 4pack, (1) 10inch DW Longcast Olive Flake 4pack, (1) 10inch DW Longcast Ballysmoke 4pack, (1) 10inch DW Longcast Black Purple Flake 4pack, (1) 8/0 Bluewater Soft Circle Hook 2pack, (1) 8/0 Weighted Grip Hook 3pack, (1) 1oz Weighted Barbarian Swimbait Hook 1oz, (1) SI Rigging Glue 1oz, (1) Made in USA 12" Roll Up Bag