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Striper Softbait Casting Kit (SCK - 631)

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Striper Casting Kit
From shore or boat, casting Hogy soft plastics to striped bass (rockfish) has become the go-to method for enticing trophy-size stripers. We have included time-tested colors, sizes and premium Hogy hooks.

10inch Originals: These larger baits are designed to be paired with our 10/0 Weighted Swimbait Hooks and 10/0 Barbarian Jig Heads. The larger baits are best around structure or when large baits are in the area.

7inch HDUV Jiggin: Designed to fit our Barbarian Jig Heads, these premium jigging baits pack a powerful punch. Featuring our new Heavy Duty Blended Plastic for solid jig head connections, each bait is fully loaded with UV Pigments for increased visibility in low light and deep water conditions.

Roll Up Bag: This high quality Made in the USA bag holds these baits with room to expand. Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.

Kit Content List: (1) 10inch Original Bone 4-Pack, (1) 10inch Original Bubble Gum 4-Pack - (1) 10inch Original Amber 4-Pack, (1) 7inch HDUV Jiggin Bone 5-Pack - (1) 7inch HDUV Jiggin Bubblegum 5-Pack - (1) 7inch HDUV Jiggin Amber Flake 5-Pack - (1) Barbarian 10/0 1oz Weighted Swim Bait Hook - (1) Barbarian 10/0 Unweighted Swim Bait Hook 2-Pack - (1) 6/0 3/4oz Barbarian Jig Head - ((1) 6/0 1oz Barbarian Jig Head - (1) Made in USA 12" Roll Up Bag

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