HDUV Jiggin Eel

HDUV Jiggin Eel

Designed to fit our Barbarian Jig Heads, these premium jigging baits pack a powerful punch. Featuring our new Heavy Duty Blended Plastic for solid jig head connections, each bait is fully loaded with UV Pigments for increased visibility in low light and deep water conditions.


Image Description Availability MSRP Price Quantity Ordered
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Amber Red Flake HDUV (HJH7A5 - 068) In Stock $7.95
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Arkansas Shiner HDUV (HJH7AS - 461) In Stock $8.95
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Black Purple Fleck HDUV (HJH7BK4 - 157) In Stock $7.95
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Bone Silver Flake HDUV (HJH7BNE5 - 945) In Stock $7.95
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Bubble Gum Silver Fleck HDUV (HJH7BG4 - 938) In Stock $7.95
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Silver HDUV In Stock $7.95
7inch Jiggn' (5pack) Tinker Mack HDUV (HJHTM - 783) In Stock $8.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Arkansas Shiner HDUV (HDUV9AS - 895) In Stock $12.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Bubble Silver Flake HDUV (HDUV9BG - 523) Reg. $10.95 In Stock $10.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Amber Red Flake HDUV (HDUV9A - 097) In Stock $10.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Black Pearl Flake HDUV (HDUV9BP - 532) In Stock $12.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Black Purple Flake HDUV (HDUV9BK - 127) In Stock $10.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Black Red Belly Flake HDUV (HDUV9BR - 136) In Stock $12.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Bone Silver Flake HDUV (HDUV9BNE - 257) In Stock $10.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Herring Flake HDUV (HDUV8BBH - 235) In Stock $12.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Silver HDUV (HDUV9SIL - 407) In Stock $10.95
9inch Jiggn' (4pack) Tinker Mack HDUV (HDUV9TM - 714) In Stock $12.95


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