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Hogy Skinny

Hogy Skinny

The Hogy Skinny Series soft baits are designed to target gamefish that are specifically focused on baitfish with a thinner profile. Made of the same tough but incredibly flexible Hogy plastic we use for our other baits, Hogy Skinny Soft Baits will outlast other thin softbaits.


Image Description Availability Price Quantity Ordered
4inch Skinny (6pack) Amber (HSH4A - 034) In Stock
4inch Skinny (6pack) Ballysmoke (HSH4BS - 435) In Stock
4inch Skinny (6pack) Bone (HSH4BNE - 732) In Stock
4inch Skinny (6pack) Bubblegum (HSH4BG - 534) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Amber (HSHA - 832) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Black (HSHRBK - 136) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Bone (HSKBNE - 634) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Bubble Gum (HSKBG - 733) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6Pack) Dark Sand Eel (HSKDSE - 431) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Electric Chicken (HSKECHIX - 368) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Green Sexy (HSHGS - 931) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6Pack) Lite Sand Eel (HSKLSE - 332) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Smokey Minnow (HSHSMO - 269) In Stock
Skinny 6inch (6pack) Tinker Mac (HSHTMAC - 690) In Stock
Skinny 9inch (4pack) Amber (HSH9A - 492) In Stock
Skinny 9inch (4pack) Black (HSH9BK - 799) In Stock
Skinny 9inch (4pack) Blamber (HSK9BLAM - 566) In Stock
Skinny 9inch (4pack) Bone (HSK9BNE - 294) In Stock
Skinny 9inch (4pack) Bubble Gum (HSK9BG - 393) In Stock
Skinny 9inch (4pack) Smokey Minnow (HSK9SMO - 467) In Stock

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