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    Incredible Action::   Our proprietary blend of plastic is downright explosive!
    :   They may be very soft, but they're tough too!
    Colors Don't Bleed
    : Our soft-baits are colored with pigment, not dye.
    More Fish
    : Our patented Hogy Quick Rig system allows tandem rigging in seconds for our larger baits. No more short strikes!
    : Tandem rigs are re-used on other baits. Save money over pre-rigged baits.

Hogy Approved Product Review:

The AquaSkinz Surf Pouch:

Okay, I admit it, I'm a gear junkie. I can't help my self when I see something that I think is "cool." Sometimes my impulse purchases work out and others, well, let's just say they join my collection of stuff! But in this case, The large Surf Pouch by AcquaSkinz  instantly  became a regular item for me and since it's holds our soft baits so well, I thought I'd pass this one along….

This baby has a deep, expandable center pocket that is perfect for storing your large soft baits. I first came across the pouch a couple of seasons ago when I met Kadir, the owner of the company at a show in New Jersey. Admittedly, I didn't know much about his product line and consequently I was complaining about the short coming of the industry in not providing something for us soft bait guys to carry when surf fishing. He walked away and came back with their Large Belt Pouch. Simply put, it was exactly what I was looking for.

I attached the pouch to my surf belt and dropped a handful of 10-inch Hogys right in. There are two pockets in the front, which were perfect for keeping the Hogy System Accessories. In one pocket, I put in Hogy Quick Rigs, Offset Worm Hooks and a handful of jigs. I used the other for my leader material and terminal connections. And voila! I was off and running.

My Notes on The Large Belt Pouch:

  1. It's so simple. It easily holds "double digits" worth of 10-inch Hogys.
  2. How easy it was to access my baits. Since it's around my hip, I just reach down and I'm in business.
  3. Keeps weight off my back. When wading all night, I'll distribute weight any way I can.
  4. It is virtually bullet proof, made out of super strong nylon material. Drainage holes are a nice touch in case you take a wave.

Whether I'm using the pouch to supplement a small plug bag or adding one on each hip to carry all my soft baits, it fits my fishing needs in a big way. It's worth checking them out. (They have lots of other great gear too.)

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